We understand the need for expression. Behind the surface world crawling with monotony, uniformity and pain, is a second dimension, a dimension we don’t talk about often. In this beautiful dimension, everything we experience: everything we see, touch and taste is connected. Unlike our surface experiences, this dimension isn’t automated, it finds beauty in the everyday and celebrates a disregard for the status quo.


Largely, fashion is designed for the majority. Fashion is defined for those who fit into the bell curve of society. But this is no fun, and it doesn’t allow for everyone to reap the benefits of great materials, great lines, great cuts. We’re constantly saying “be different”, but it doesn’t feel great to be different when fashion can’t accommodate your difference. At Wear It Out, we believe that everyone is entitled to feeling and looking good in their clothes. At Wear It Out, no one is excluded from style, from class, on the basis of their uniqueness.

Our founder, Manny Cuevas, received a colostomy in 2012. He realized that, unfortunately, many people have to opt out of fashion when they experience similar medical difficulties. But he knew this wasn’t right, and Wear It Out is a manifestation of Manny’s quest to conquer this injustice. Please drop us a note if you’d like to share a story about your experience with differences and fashion, or if you would like us to help you in creating an image, individual clothing pieces or an entire wardrobe tailored to your needs.